About Us

The Complete Computing Company started in 2010, under the name Crazy Computing Connor, when Connor Greer was starting university.

One of the main reasons the company started was that Connor applied to his local supermarket as a Christmas temp and despite having two years’ experience during college as a checkout work was told, you lack the experience to work as a Christmas temp.

Connor went away and started thinking about running his own company, after few weeks he decided to start.

After getting 250 business cards printed he decided to go door to door to local Business’s and hand some cards out in the hope that someone would need IT support. A week passed and Alan Jones Chartered Surveyors rung him up and asked for a full Network Cable install and a new Server to replace the server they were using.

Connor completed the 40 cable drop installation inside of a day and then started installing the server, with Active Directory, File and Print Services.

A few weeks later CVS (Council for Volunteering Services) called Connor and asked him to look at the IT, with a view to improving it. The first task was to install Windows XP (This was 2010 so XP was still prominent) on 40 laptops, using an imagining software package Connor made an Image of one of the laptops the rolled it out on a make shift miniature network to the other 39.

We then became their IT support company and had several happy years until local funding was cut and they scaled back, and IT was no longer a priority.

Over the following years we have worked with Advertising, Recruitment, Education, Shipping and Clothing companies.

In 2015 Connor became a parent and due to health reasons made the hard decision to close the company.

Two years on and in April 2017, he has made the decision to reboot the company under the same name and work towards providing the best start and upbringing for his daughter.

In the first few months he has managed to secure a contract with Trio-Cloud.com, to implement a new Data Centre management system, Israel’s largest IT Service Providers with customers like The Israel Ministry of Health, 019 Mobile and Dr Fischer.